Insert your coins in the cheeky piggy-bank

WHAT? For real??? OMG I'm not prepared! I've never gotten anything before. Not just from this webcomic, I mean in general, let me remember how others do it.

Ok, thanks! Hum... We accept PAYPAL because it is safe and your confidential info will not be revealed to anyone, not even us! You don't need a paypal account to donate using their service. Hum... What else should I tell you?

Oh yeah, donating is a GREAT IDEA! It helps your online reputation, you get Jesus points, you feel good, I feel good, Minos feels good, you can use it to pay-off the guilt you have amassed over other issues... Did I say you'll feel good? Because you will! I've donated before, and you'll feel good knowing you're keeping something you LOVE accessible to the world!

You'll also receive something for your feel-good deed. In fact you'll receive MANY things!

For your generous donation (of any amount) you'll be rewarded with the following:

- A SPECIAL Minos the Minotaur strip. It's designed for donor eyes only, and you'll learn Minos' secret Life Motto! The key to Minotaur happiness is at your fingertips, where you're holding those coins right now.

- That warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from making a comic-maker's day! That is priceless, but in your case you'll have to donate something for it...

- You're keeping Minos the Minotaur alive online! All donation money goes towards keeping this comic running, and the art supplies required to make half-cow dreams a reality! Some other comics have fallen on the webcomic online battlefield. Yes some were better than us, so Minos is at threat too! We're like Tibet, surrounded by giants, we need help! You would help Tibet right?

- Wait that's not all! No no, we won't be throwing in a pillow, a vacation getaway, or even anything remotely pricey to thank you (how could we waste your hard-earned donation money like that?) but we WILL send you a personnal thank you email, and we'll try to be funny.

Minos hasn't seen money before, make it happen!

Can you put a price tag on ALL THAT??? If so, we're expecting it. So donate to us by using the button below. (If you experience any difficulty during the transaction with paypal, you can contact us at

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